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Are you looking for a samurai kimono?

We carry original samurai kimonos that are great to wear, and we ship directly from Japan.

Yukata Kimono Market Sakura
Click and order now !

We have customers all over the world enjoying our samurai kimonos.

Our Products:
Samurai kimonos, yukata (cotton kimonos), obis, geta (wooden clogs), kinchaku-bag, tabi (split-toe socks) and more


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We are an online shopping site that works with many Japanese craftsmen from all part of Japan. Our goal is to deliver exceptional crafts made by Japanese artisans to people all over the world, and to help those striving craftsman keep their tradition.

Currently, we have a diversity of traditional Japanese items on our site: Samurai armor (Kattchu), Japanese swords (Katana), Urushi lacquer items and even have Japanese instruments such as the Shamisen (guitar-like instrument).

We are giving our best to increase the number of items day by day. We are the ONLY online site that has this much Japanese traditional products directly from the original maker.


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Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express
Diners, China Union Pay


Toshiharu "TK" Kagaya now offers Japanese zakka (literally, variety goods in Japanese) products on the popular Rakuten website. Including home improvement and lifestyle products, zakka is a growing phenomenon in Japan, greater Asia and now the West. Toshiharu "TK" Kagaya is proud to offer high quality Japanese zakka products to shoppers around the world.


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Credit card, PayPal, wire transfer


Inspired by the innovative spirit of Japanese manufacturers and designers, Japan Trend Shop offers Lifestyle products, Gadgets, Beauty and Wellness goods, unique watches, and other innovative items that are unique to this evolving marketplace.

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